Step Into our Lab

We serve a range of markets, all with unique requirements. Yet, they have a common goal: to get the most value from their investment into our products, value that’s measured in fitment, service life and unmatched performance. We meet that goal with resources that spend every day researching, developing and testing products designed for domestic and fleet vehicles, imports, and medium- to heavy-duty trucks.

All the Best Equipment

Our in-house testing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Link Brake Dynamometers. We have a Friction Development Lab that focuses on research and development of friction materials for increased stopping force, durability and predictability. The catalysts we bring to market are proven in pilot plants and created through proprietary processes. Of course, there’s more. Most importantly, our unmatched engineering and testing empowers us to be first-to-market and establish the benchmark for industry-recognized quality for all of our customers.


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At Centric Parts, testing is a way of life. It’s in our DNA. We’ve invested millions of dollars over the past decade to ensure all our products (brakes, calipers, rotors and chassis) pass all industry standards while also exceeding our own self-defined and rigid testing protocols as well. We do this to:

  • Deliver on the quality expectations of our customers.
  • Ensure safety and reliability within the vehicle application where lives are on the line
  • Differentiate our products from our competition. We’ve proven this by testing our competitors’ products alongside our own to the same, unbiased testing standards.


  • Our industry-leading, in-house engineering department analyzes each part to ensure proper fitment and safe performance for every vehicle application, import and domestic.
  • In-house Friction Lab allows our engineers to create and test friction material compounds more rapidly than others.
  • Four in-house Link Brake Dynamometers give us the ability to test each brake component in the most demanding conditions and react to real time data.
  • Real-world, on-road testing using our fleet of vehicles equipped with data acquisition systems in city, highway and track conditions.
  • When comparing our products to competitors, we utilize independent, third-party test facilities to provide the testing, results and analysis so as to remain unbiased.


We test hundreds of thousands of parts each year, which includes both Centric-manufactured parts as well as competitor parts. We benchmark our products to ensure our product positioning, marketing and customer-facing collateral are all supported by proven test data. The test protocols we use align with industry standards for testing including Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and others. This ensures the same test is performed and the results are based on product performance and not changing or biased test conditions.


“Industry test standards are in place to ensure products perform as designed in specific applications. It is dangerous and misleading when manufacturers make claims based on test parameters that are adjusted to favor their products. We go above-and-beyond in terms of testing throughout all phases of design, development and production to ensure all our products not only meet our rigid internal standards, but also industry standards. We also re-test even further when false claims are made against our products. Our customers should not be misled in any way when it comes to the reliability of our products.” Steve Ruiz, Centric VP of Engineering, Research & Development.