Centric Parts Introduces StopTech GCX Disc Brake Rotors

November 20, 2017

Centric Parts Introduces StopTech  GCX Disc Brake Rotors with Elemental Protection Carson, CA – Centric Parts has introduced a new line of StopTech ® GCX Disc Brake Rotors that are specially engineered to restore OE performance and provide superior protection from rust and corrosion, even in extremely harsh conditions.

GCX Chrome

Engineered to restore OE performance, provide long-lasting corrosion resistance

These innovative rotors feature a partial GEOMET coating on the friction surface. The Elemental Protection results in a ten percent faster pad bed-in, while eliminating annoying corrosion rings. They also feature a full GEOMET coating on all non-mating surfaces, which inhibits rust formation and helps provide long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Centric Parts has designed the rotors with machined non-friction surfaces that not only match the OE part, but also ensure parallelism and eliminate pulsation while improving rotor balance. A double disc ground finish is used to help to eliminate lateral run-out and DTV (disk thickness variation) issues on the rotor.

StopTech GCX Disc Brake Rotors are designed to fit a wide variety of vehicle applications and provide class-leading coverage for both import and domestic passenger vehicles and light trucks. The line offers over 330 SKUs and covers over 80% of the vehicles on the road today.

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Centric Parts introduces StopTech GCX Disc Brake Rotors with Elemental Protection that restore OE performance and offer long lasting corrosion resistance.

About Centric Parts
Centric ® Parts is a part of APC Automotive Technologies, a leading automotive aftermarket undercar parts platform. Centric Parts is North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components for passenger vehicles, light and medium duty trucks, fleet vehicles, high performance vehicles, and racecars. Centric products are marketed under the Centric ®, C-TEK ®, Posi Quiet ®, Fleet Performance, StopTech ® and PQ PRO brands. Through its StopTech and Qualis Automotive divisions, Centric also supplies components and systems to OEM and private label customers.

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