StopTech Brakes Embraces Forged Calipers

February 16, 2017

Los Angeles (October 1, 2008) - StopTech, a leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of world class brake components and brake systems for production-based race cars and high performance vehicles on the street and track, today announced that the company has switched from calipers cast by either gravity or high pressure to forged calipers across the entire aftermarket product line including big brake kits. Most original equipment programs supplied by StopTech have switched or will switch as part of this move. The decision was based on providing maximum brake caliper performance and system reliability from StopTech, the ultra performance division of Centric Parts.

"The majority of the industry relies on cast calipers from processes which can create regional density differences during cooling that depletes material internally at a microscopic level," noted Stephen Ruiz, Centric Parts' Director of Engineering with over 20 years of brake and friction materials experience. "This characteristic problem, called shrinkage, is both hard to control and detect in castings. It unfavorably affects structural integrity especially in high performance applications. The same holds true for "squeeze forging," a hybrid high pressure technique that suffers from the same potential shortcomings as casting. StopTech's experience and research, as part of our ongoing continuous improvement programs, shows that forging is the best technology to use."

"StopTech began the changeover to forged brake calipers earlier this year," revealed Dan Lelchuk, President of Centric Parts, which includes the StopTech and Power Slot brands. "The vast majority of StopTech brake calipers in distribution and on the shelves, outside of a few OE special orders, are already forged brake calipers." focuses on entry level brake upgrade solutions and pioneered direct fit performance rotors for trucks, SUVs and severe duty vehicles. Continually innovates significant improvements to brake technology for the street and track, having earned four patents along the way, providing superior performance, quality and value. Centric Parts offerings include Posi Quiet premium Metallic, Ceramic and Extended Wear formulas, an OE product line, plus Axxis and C-TEK standard grade materials. StopTech (, Centric's ultra performance division, is a leading innovator of world class brake components and systems for production-based racing cars and high performance vehicles on the street and track. Power Slot (, Centric's performance division, Centric Parts

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