Centric Parts Introduces New 100 Series Pad Line with True OE Formulations

February 16, 2017


Centric Parts Introduces New 100 Series Pad Line with True OE Formulations

Industry, Calif . (March 2012) - Centric Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and clutch components and systems, today introduces their newly updated 100 Series OE Brake Friction Line featuring true OE formulations. Centric Parts 100 Series OE Brake Friction is a true OE formulation friction line, manufactured using OE processes and OE materials by OE manufacturers.

Centric Parts Introduces New 100 Series Pad Line with True OE Formulations

Centric's world-class R&D team's analysis of Original Equipment pads identified 20 OE friction material formulations, which are utilized in this new application-specific 100 Series line of pads. Like all of their brake products, Centric Parts 100 series friction is designed to meet or exceed their exacting standards for OE braking performance for today’s vehicles.

"True OE formulations have gradually been replaced by aftermarket blends in too many product lines across the industry," explained Centric Parts CEO Dino Crescentini. "That's why Centric has introduced this new 100 Series friction line. Not only are the pads true OE formulations, but we've gone the extra mile in including FULL hardware kits with most of the pads, using only Stainless Steel abutment clips, as opposed to the cheaper plated clips that are used by most of the other aftermarket companies. It's touches like that that will keep us ahead of the competition."

Features and Benefits:

  • OE positive mold technology for consistent friction material density throughout the pad, resulting in even wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the product.
  • Precision blank with machined abutments or fine blank backing plates for proper caliper fitment reducing pad vibration and noise
  • Full, superior-quality, application-specific hardware kit included*<
  • Scorched to optimize break-in*
  • Fully shimmed
  • OE raw material suppliers
  • OE production facilities
  • OE processes
  • OE formulations

*where applicable

Centric offers a large selection of quality brake friction solutions for a wide range of vehicle applications and driving styles. Choosing the correct friction formula for your particular application is essential for optimizing brake system performance and reliability. Centric's engineering team carefully selects and tests each friction compound to ensure proper stopping performance throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. With three in-house brake dynos and real-time vehicle testing, Centric is the aftermarket leader in brake pads and shoes, providing reliably safe braking performance.
For side by side comparison of the various brake friction formulas offered by Centric Parts, click here.


For more information on Centric Parts or their full line of brake and clutch components and systems, visit or call 800-758-3004.

About Centric Parts

Centric Parts, which includes the Posi Quiet, StopTech and Power Slot brands, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for everyday cars, work duty vehicles and performance vehicles. Centric continually innovates significant improvements to brake technology for the street and track, having earned five patents along the way. Founded in 2000, this Southern California company operates multiple warehouse and manufacturing facilities totaling over half-a-million square feet and employees more than 500 workers.

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